Packages & Mail For Students, Faculty & Staff

Packages & Mail For Students, Faculty & Staff

Mail Services collects and distributes campus inter-departmental and U.S. Post Office mail to faculty, staff and students. The campus mail system is intended for Princeton University business and support of the campus community.

All mail is delivered to designated locations within departments and is distributed and collected each day by mail couriers assigned to specific campus routes. Delivery and collection times vary per location.

For campus mail requirements and direct mail project questions, please contact William Hallahan, [email protected] or 609.258.3115

Important details regarding mail and package delivery to students, faculty, and staff:

  • 08544 zip code addresses: All campus mail, all postal mail, and all packages are routed thru Princeton University Mail Services, and will therefore be delivered by our department.
  • 08540 and 08542 zip code addresses:  These locations are not within the core Princeton University campus; therefore, Princeton University Mail Services will deliver all of the campus mail, plus whatever portion of postal mail and packages are routed thru us from external vendors.  The portion of postal mail and packages that we do not receive will be delivered directly to these addresses by the external vendors. 

Undergraduate Student Mail & Packages

Effective February 1, 2024 undergraduate students and graduate students with mailing addresses at Frist will receive an email notification when First-Class mail has been received and is ready for collection at Frist 110. Notifications will be sent from [email protected] and mail can be collected at the Frist 110 window from Monday through Friday, 10am to 6pm, and Saturday 10am to 2pm. Students should be prepared to provide Frist mailbox number and student ID Card (TigerCard). Notifications for periodicals, marketing mail, catalogs and bulk mail will not be sent. These items will be held at Frist 110 and distributed with any First-Class mail or upon request.

To update your address please go directly to Tiger Hub at

Mail Forwarding & Package Services: Over summer break we will forward 1st Class & Priority mail over the summer break starting on the last day of the spring semester and stop forwarding 2 weeks prior to freshmen move in. Students who stay on campus and have a summer housing contract will continue to receive mail. If you do not have a summer housing contract but wish to continue to receive mail services please email us at [email protected].

Seniors: Prior to graduation please be sure to update your address with your recurring senders such as, your bank, magazines, Amazon and family & friends. We will only forward First Class & Priority mail until January 1 of the upcoming year. After January 1 we will return it to sender. 

Mail Services will forward all mail to the address on file. If you have any questions please email us at [email protected]

The Over Size Package/Mail Room is located at the Frist Campus Center, room 110.


If you have a package in the Frist package room after move out, you have 2 options that will occur for that package. It will either be forwarded to you or it will be returned to sender. If you would like the package sent to you, please follow the instructions below:

Go to USPS Click and Ship, UPS or FedEx website, create an account, enter all pertinent data, pay for shipping fees, generate a shipping label for the package and forward the PDF of the shipping label to [email protected] to which we will then apply to the package, and hand off to the carrier correct carrier. We must receive the label from your Princeton University email account or we will not be able to apply to the package.

Tracking Notifications

When you receive notifications from your purchasing agents it will likely indicate “delivered” or “delivered to agent”. This notification does not necessarily mean that mail services has your package in our possession. As a reminder, please do not pick up a package until you receive an email from Mail Services and the tracking says “recipient notified by agent." This means your package is now available at the Frist Package Room & Lockers for pick up. 

  1. “delivered to agent”: Package arrived at delivery post office, has been scanned by USPS and is available for pick up by agent (Mail Services is the agent)
  2. “received by agent”: Mail services has received the package from the USPS and scanned it into our system
  3. “recipient notified by agent”: Mail services sends an email notification to you that the package is available for pick up
  4. “delivered to recipient by agent”: The student has picked up the package from mail services, final scan sent to USPS web site.

Metered Domestic & International Mail

The department of Mail Services will conveniently meter and send outgoing US mail for departments. We can also handle your International mail, partnering with our international mail vendor, Asendia.
To utilize the department of Mail Services for your Domestic & International mail simply complete the Online Metering Request Form  select the Domestic or International tab and follow the instructions provided. Please note: When entering a Princeton Prime Chartstring, the Account Code is not necessary to complete the metering request.
Mail Services will pick up the outgoing mail during the department's normal mail delivery, or special arrangements can be made by calling Mail Services at 609.258.4317.

A convenient way for departments to send outgoing metered mail with Mail Services! 

The Online Meter Request Form offers benefits and features such as:

  1. CAS Login
    Logging in with your Princeton NetID and password pre-populates the form with your contact information, home department, and date.
  2. Store multiple Princeton Prime Chartstrings
    Frequently used chartstrings may be stored in your profile and conveniently accessed via drop-down menu.
  3. Instant Chartstring Validation
    The system automatically checks to ensure that a valid chartstring has been entered. An alert will appear if the chartstring is invalid.
  4. Batch Printing
    Complete and print up to three forms at a time and easily switch between domestic and international mail requests.
  5. Faster Request Processing
    Chart strings are converted into printed barcodes that Mail Services can scan to accurately process requests quickly and efficiently.

Online Metering Request Form