Addressing Guidelines

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Direct Mail Addressing Guidelines

The following guidelines are for addressing a mail piece:

  • Use simple sans serif type with uniform stroke thickness.
  • Type or machine-print in dark ink on a light background with a uniform left margin.
  • Left-justify every line in the address block.
  • Use two-letter state abbreviations.
  • Use one space between city and state, two spaces between state and ZIP+4 code.
  • Use appropriate ZIP+4 code (if unknown, use 5-digit ZIP Code).
  • A minimum of 8-point type, or if Intelligent Mail barcode with a delivery point routing code, a minimum of 6-point type is acceptable if printed in all capital letters. 
  • Include a return address 

The delivery address is the most important information on your mail piece. Use the following format for your delivery addresses:

Name or attention line:                 JANE L MILLER
Company:                                        MILLER ASSOCIATES
Delivery address:                           1960 W CHELSEA AVE STE 2006R
City, state, ZIP Code:                     ALLENTOWN PA 18104